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This Is Not Happening: Julia Lillis Will Do Literally Anything For Love


This Is Not Happening
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I’m a comedian (sometimes with a 1987 Casio Keyboard, sometimes without), a comedy writer and a very nice person (sometimes with the “very”, sometimes, well sometimes people are assholes and let their dogs shit on the little bit of lawn that I’m able to call my own and then, yeah, I’m not gonna be so nice then).

I tweet, blog, podcast weekly and can be seen on stages across LA on a regular basis.

Chicks Don't Dig That (Ep. 1) from Julia Lillis on Vimeo.

CHICKS DON’T DIG THAT: Written, directed and edited by Julia Lillis & Melissa McQueen. Starring Michael Bolton & Shaun White.

CulturePOP News from Julia Lillis on Vimeo.

CULTUREPOP NEWS: A new web series for Ovation TV — written by and starring Julia Lillis.